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crispy gaming – Persona 3

Posted by dandycandy on May 18, 2006

OMFG, YAY! Persona 3!

I'm travelling around youtube, I have no idea what brought me to search for persona stuff, but I stumbled upon this trailer of Persona 3 for the PS2.  I love the Persona series, and I'm still miffed that they ported Persona 2: Eternal Punishment to the PSOne, but not Innocent Sin (it would have made a lot of plot points much easier to understand).  But from what I've heard, Atlus had this game at their booth at E3, and it's coming to the States.  I can't wait!!  A lot of gaming magazines have dissed all the Persona games as well as the Megami Tensei (Digital Devil Saga) games, but I think Persona is an ingenious series.  Not only does it take place in the present day, a rarity with RPGs because it's either in the past or the future, not to mention, hot damn, it's got some serious fashion sense.  The uniforms are so cool, anyone who cosplays in them with be glomped incessantly.  Plus, the guys are looking pretty hot!  Hard to do, since Persona 2 heroes Katsuya and Tatsuya still give me pretty good dreams.  (and before your Yaoi mavens decide to investigate, they are brothers.  and if that doesn't stop you, all I can say is ewww).  I don't know much about the game since the almost 18 minute trailer (which was something to salivate over, lemme tell you) was in Japanese, but it looks pretty surreal and much more beautiful than all of it's predecessors (there have been Shin Megami Tensei games on the PS2, but the Persona games have yet to make it to the waning system).  It looks like it's going to be a more decided disturbing game as well.  I can't wait.

As soon as release info is brought to light, I will post it, too.  For now, here are a few pictures I got from the trailer.  Enjoy.

I don't know who he is...but that's hot

Another cutie...thank you, Atlus!

A really cute girl...

She is one tough woman.

Edit: And I got this article from IGN! SWEEET dandy candy!


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