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anime snackings – princess tutu

Posted by dandycandy on May 17, 2006

Pique and Lilie!

my absolute obssession right now is Princess Tutu.  I've been watching the episodes in the original Japanese format, and I've got about five more to go.  I think it's really wonderful and magical…there is a true, dreamy, fairy tale quality about this series, that reminds me of all the stories read to me as a child…only it's anime goodness, so it's even better.  The manga is vastly different from the anime, and the ending, if I remember, is a lot more open ended, unlike the "sad" ending of the anime.  (anyone who is a fan of fakir and ahiru, or even mytho and ahiru knows what I'm talking about).  That Cat has got problems, though…always wanting to get married.  Geez…not even my little kitty girl is that amorous.  When ADV brings out the box set, I will definitely be buying it, because the last time I enjoyed an anime like this was Fushigi Yuugi, and that's like over 10 years old now.  If you are into a non-traditional shoujo majo type anime, give Princess Tutu a shot.


3 Responses to “anime snackings – princess tutu”

  1. Durga said

    I think the ending of the Anime was pretty happy.

    Ahiru and Fakir accomplished what they wanted: protect people as themselves (which was the obstacle that they were supposed to defeat) and stay together. They are content with it. Ahiru doesn’t need to speak, she’s bad with words anyway, and she’s able to ‘link’ with Fakir more as a duck than a girl, IMO.

    Fakir appears to dig ducks more than girls. But…

    Mytho and Rue managed to defeat the Monster who destroyed their lives. *Both* Rue’s the character who suffered the most (followed by Fakir), she needed to heal a lot. Only Mytho is able to undo the damage the Raven did to her. Both knew each others for a long while and both had feelings (even if Mytho didn’t have them in his body). So they left to be together.

    I don’t know how this is an ‘unhappy’ ending. Anime Tutu never fought for her romantic life, Ahiru wanted to have Mytho happy with Rue and recover his pieces of heart. She wanted Rue to be Rue and not Kraehe.

    It’s a happy, proper, no-generic ending with an awesome characterization and logic behind it.

    Besides, if you like Ahiru/Fakir, there’s rumors about a spin off if they get enough money.

  2. Ken Warren said

    As a new grandfather who is an anime freak I was looking for a series that would (I hoped) lead my granddaughter to love anime. Princess Tutu was perfect, so good that I recommended it to many friends with young daughters and granddaughters. They all loved it until the ending, now all of the parents are mad a me. The ending is not what little girls want, it left many of them in tears. As one of them said it was the tragic ending that Drosselemeyer wanted. TO them Duck’s reward for all of her courage and effort is to remain a duck and never be with the boy she loves, and who loves her. They hated the fact that everyone, including her best friends, forget about Ahiru/Duck.

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