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Sexy Jitsu Smack! Egg Magazine

Posted by dandycandy on June 7, 2006

Don’t get me wrong…I actually like Egg Magazine, and I am considering getting a subscription, but this simple Japanese fashion magazine is too perverted for words.

First of all, they had this well tanned Japanese girl on the front cover with a bikini, an unpeeled banana very close to her lips.  If her teeth weren’t showing, you’d swear she was about to give it a blow job.  And that’s just the beginning.  It’s the June 2006 issue, so the customary pictures of well-tanned kogals, b-girls, and yamanbas dressed in bikinis and other scandalous get-ups didn’t surprised me.

It’s the article featuring the “Sexy Police” that got to me.

I can’t read Japanese worth a damn, but the naked drawings of a man and woman in various compromising positions translate a motherload of information.  Geez, I knew that the Japanese have their own brand of perversion, but in a fashion Magazine.  What is Egg, the Japanese Cosmo that isn’t cosmo.  I know a lot of high school girls as well as young adults read it, and I don’t think you’ll be seeing how to properly lick a woman’s honey pot in the US version of Seventeen anytime soon (maybe Cawaii, S-Cawaii, but not the Japanese Seventeen)

Egg Magazine, I hearby give you a…

sexy jitsu smack graphic

for being a little too real and a little too explicit.

Now excuse me while I eat my pocky.


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the official Sexy Jitsu Smack!

Posted by dandycandy on May 19, 2006

you've been smack!
just try to piss us all off at once…

My official graphic for sexy jitsu smacks! I know it's rather corner, but I was really lazy.  You've been warned!  You saw what happened to poor Ibisu…

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give this idea a sexy-jitsu smack!

Posted by dandycandy on May 18, 2006

In reading other blogs that are hella better than mine, I found the rumor that supposedly, Kobe Bryant is suppose to guest star in an episode of the Power Rangers.

I don't know which one, and I hope I never know.

This is about as bad as that Japanese episode they showed (badly dubbed to boot) during the "Dino Thunder" season, when they had that black baseball player dude running around Japan with bad hair, courtesy of the monster of the day.  Don't they know any better than to have another black man, a notorious one to boot, acting like a damn fool in the Power Rangers universe, and lord knows the American version of Power Rangers (which is inundated with actors from New Zealand, strangely enough) is filled with enough fools.  (Somebody shoot Claire, of whatever the hell that apprentice's name is).  The only people who aren't fools are the creators, who are laughing all the way to the bank.  So I really hope this is just a rumor.  In fact, allow me to pray the rosary and really, really hope that this is NOT true.

The series has gone to hell, IMHO, since Power Rangers Zeo (long live Jason David Frank, a true hottie that can kick your freakin' ass!).  To have a guy, no matter how rich he is, who barely skitted passed rape accusations, on a children's tv show.  In the words of super milk-chan to the producers – YOU DUMBASS!

Allow Naruto to bring out all of his clones of the sexy harem jitsu to just come and smack the hell out of whoever's idea this was.

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