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Officially Off-Hiatus/Attack of the Killer Narutards…

Posted by dandycandy on July 7, 2006

Before you guys go knocking me upside the head for being away for so long so soon, allow me to explain….

  • I got married
  • I got married
  • I like needed to go to the doctor for stuff…
  • and I got married.

But I have returned, bearing gifts.  I’ve somehow lost the quite animated wedding night video, so please take this Naruto-skit video from Ohio Con instead.  It’s pretty damn funny, and I know all of us know at least one Narutard.  Enjoy!


4 Responses to “Officially Off-Hiatus/Attack of the Killer Narutards…”

  1. drmchsr0 said



  2. tj han said

    Lol that was a good video. Btw were you the bride or the groom?

  3. Lupus said

    Congrats on getting married! You must be very happy right now =)

  4. dandycandy said

    T.J. – I am the bride, though I wear the pants in the relationship like the groom. j/k

    Lupus – I am actually. Thanks!

    drmchsr0- Thanks!

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