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J-Fashion Matsuri! The Dream is Alive!

Posted by dandycandy on June 15, 2006

The Dream is Alive!  J-Fashion Matsuri 2008 is ago, and somehow, it WILL come to pass!  Everything you love about Japanese Fashion and cosplay will be there, the whole convention will be dedicated to the subject.

I'll see YOU in Chicago, August 2008! Save the date!

But seriously, folks…

Ah, I've had people respond to my idea for a cosplay/japanese fashion con!  So far, it's getting a positive response, so I'd love to go ahead and take care of this idea.  I hate that I only no how to hold it in Chicago (the place of my birth), but I think with enough people knowing about it, then maybe, it'll get some more buzz.  So for now, I will plan it all out as much as I possibly can. 

Here are things I know I'd love to have at the convention:

  • A Eurobeat Club/Dance!: Panels that showcase learning para para routines, a para para exhibitions, and then a dance that plays all the hits. I know it's a bit ambitious, but I love para para/tech para, and it has a huge connection to Japanese fashion. Plus, I'm a part of the para para community, and it is only right that I give homage.
  • An Elegant Ball/Tea: I don't know about the ball, but I would love to have a tea gathering set up for the gothic/lolita community. It's huge, and it would be nice to have people meet up there. It could be like those cosplay maid restaurants of Japan, where maids are serving tea and sweets. Then again, people can bring their own damn sweets, too…
  • A Cosplay Battle of the Bands: There are cosplay bands out there, right? Let's take it one step further, folks.
  • An area devoted to photoshoots: Free or not, professional and amateur photographers can hook up with new and seasoned cosplayers
  • Panels on Japanese fashion and culture: There are simply not enough of them out there! I would love to see people do that beyond dolfies and all that. I myself would love to do one on the Rise and Fall of Kogals, or even just a survey of Japanese fashion styles in general.
  • Cosplay Weddings: I'm able to perform weddings in the state of Illinois. And I know a lot of people would love to do it! Let's set up a room that allows people to dress up as their favorite characters and marry. Sounds corny I know, but I know there are people out there who'd love to do it, so why not appease them.
  • Fashion Show: There are plenty of talented people out there who have a small fashion label who can show their creations to a captured audience. Let's help the small labels out.
  • Dealer Room: But with a twist: a place devoted to selling magazines/clothes/other stuff for cosplay and Japanese fashion. Also, we can have a garage sale segment where people can come in and sell things they don't want anymore, such as old but good cds, manga, anime, etc. Like a live-action version of Garage Sale Japan

I'm sure that I will think of more as the time grows near, I'm think of other ideas, but at the same time, it's a first-year convention, so I need to pace myself.  But I will work on this as best as I can, and I'm really glad that there is interest.  Whoo-hoo!


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