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Tasukete (Help Me)…I’ve been infected

Posted by dandycandy on June 10, 2006

Japanese horror movies are horribly creepy.

I watched the movie "Infection" the other day at my grandmother's house, and it's about this group of doctor's and nurses at a hospital who are freaking out about how badly a hospital is being run.  Because of this, a patient ends up dead, and another mysterious patient ends up being brought to the hospital, which has no room to take him.  This sets things up as all the works involved in the death of the patient become infected with a mysterious virus.  Blood turns green, organs liquefy, and some of the freakiest sequences I have ever laid eyes upon come to pass.  The thing that go me about this movie is that it managed to scared the crap out of me without being overly violent.  In fact, it's one big mindfuck, pardon my French, that had me going until the very end.

Now, I really want to "Ringu", the original version of "Dark Water", and "Ju-On (sp?) to see just how creepy Japanese horror really is.

I know that Japanese cinema can get violent (Samurai movies, Yakuza movies, and I won't even include anime because we all know how bad that gets), but I loved how in "Infection" (The Japanese title is Kansen) the atmosphere of the hospital and how emotions are running high really got to me.  Because I'm so desensitized to standard horror flink violence, I don't really like what the genre has become in the states (however, you won't see me going to watch any of them or buying the "Hostel" or the "Saw" DVD either).  However, in Japan, whether it makes sense or not, it's still pretty disturbing.  It's been a week or two, but that movie still gives me the creeps.

Is there a Japanese horror flick that still creeps you out?  Tell me, please.


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