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Umm…melty blood

Posted by dandycandy on June 8, 2006

I don't think that I will ever get to play this games, but I want to, one day, if I get a chance to get good at it. 

Melty Blood – a staple of late night unofficial tournaments at anime conventions everywhere.  Not only does it trip me out with all gothicness of it (it's based on a pretty disturbing manga) but the combos and air combos involved in it rivals games such as Guilty Gear (Melty Blood seems a bit faster to me, though, but again, that's just me).  Plus the theme is pretty dark and disturbing (the character Akiha fights with the blood on her fingertips), which I like a lot.  I don't know where to download the game, let alone download it, so I can't say much in terms of gameplay, but it looks pretty beautiful.  Have a look for yourself.

Maybe in the future, I will have more info, but if you are already an owner of the game, I envy you.  This game looks sweet as hell.


10 Responses to “Umm…melty blood”

  1. kozumura said

    Melty Blood is based on Tsukihime, a h-game.(The manga is based on the game as well). And yeah it’s badass.

    I think the one you posted is Melty Blood Acr Cadenza, which is the arcade port. Most of the other ones are The original and ReACT which are for PC.

    If you want to download it, I can give you a link.

  2. meganeshounen said

    I know that it’s already been said many times, but I think it needs to be said again.

    Tsukihime spawned off Melty Blood, which makes it a doujin game about a doujin game. There’s also the Kara no Kyoukai novel by Nasu that came before Tsukihime, so I guess you can count that as some prequel of sorts.

    And… I’m also rooting for both the PS2 and arcade ports. I can’t wait to pwn opponents in the arcade with this. ^_^

  3. dandycandy said

    Kozomura: thanks for the history. I though cadenza was the stage, though I knew there was an arcade version. I’m used to the regular, computer version because people are playing it at acen all the bloody time. I’ll ask for a link later.

    Meganeshounen: I knew about it’s link to Tsukihime, I’m sorry if I offended you by not posting the history – it’s pretty well-known where it’s based off of with fans (I’m already planning to cosplay as Akiha and maybe Ciel next year). I hope there are PS2 ports and an arcade as well…but wait, there is an arcade port! Break out the “I pwn n00bs” and start kickin’ some ass!

  4. naru-sama said

    i would like to download it, where can i download it? thanks

  5. ciel fans said

    Yo! i love melty blood. Ciel is my fave chara. keren banget. Where can i download melty blood manga?

  6. Shawn.exe said

    I like to Download it as well… Do you know where

  7. HeavensHell said

    can i have the link to download it? kozumura

  8. bloodfanworks said

    Actually you need to pay for the game. Seeing as how the game is 900megabytes the only place you can get it on is from bit torrent file. Btw, i love this game me and my friend play each other online in melty blood all the time.

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