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Sexy Jitsu Smack! Egg Magazine

Posted by dandycandy on June 7, 2006

Don’t get me wrong…I actually like Egg Magazine, and I am considering getting a subscription, but this simple Japanese fashion magazine is too perverted for words.

First of all, they had this well tanned Japanese girl on the front cover with a bikini, an unpeeled banana very close to her lips.  If her teeth weren’t showing, you’d swear she was about to give it a blow job.  And that’s just the beginning.  It’s the June 2006 issue, so the customary pictures of well-tanned kogals, b-girls, and yamanbas dressed in bikinis and other scandalous get-ups didn’t surprised me.

It’s the article featuring the “Sexy Police” that got to me.

I can’t read Japanese worth a damn, but the naked drawings of a man and woman in various compromising positions translate a motherload of information.  Geez, I knew that the Japanese have their own brand of perversion, but in a fashion Magazine.  What is Egg, the Japanese Cosmo that isn’t cosmo.  I know a lot of high school girls as well as young adults read it, and I don’t think you’ll be seeing how to properly lick a woman’s honey pot in the US version of Seventeen anytime soon (maybe Cawaii, S-Cawaii, but not the Japanese Seventeen)

Egg Magazine, I hearby give you a…

sexy jitsu smack graphic

for being a little too real and a little too explicit.

Now excuse me while I eat my pocky.


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