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Princess Tutu – Anime vs. Manga pt. 2

Posted by dandycandy on May 25, 2006

I know she has nothing to do with Princess Tutu, but Ivy = HAWT!

I've been letting slacking off on this for a while, but no more…I want to start on it again, at least for a little bit.  Remember, spoilers are about here, so if you don't want to know anything, go away not.

As I mentioned last time, before interruption, Mytho pisses me off in the Anime.  In the manga, he is only "seduced" by Kraehe once, and is snippy to Princess Tutu only once.  And he actually APOLOGIZES to Tutu in the manga, especially after dancing with her.  I can't remember in the anime if he apologizes in the anime, but he does thank her.  Even though the Prince comes to his senses and destroys the raven, the way he acts under the Raven and Kraehe's control is appalling.  He even disses Kraehe and her love for him many, many times.  Instead of it being a story to save the Prince, for a while, they make him a real asshole, ala Sailor Moon, when Mamoru/Darrien was under Beryl's control, and for a while, fans didn't want a reunion between the star-crossed loves because he was being a real jerk.  Anyway, I didn't like how the anime deviated from the Manga's original story of saving the Prince by making him evil.  I understand that Kraehe loves him, but you get more a sense in the manga that she really just wants to protect, as opposed to making him and her father, the Raven, happy.

Now, this paragraph might piss off Ahiru/Fakir fans – yeah, I am one of them, but that's where my gripe comes in.  Clearly, in the Anime, at the beginning, there is a bond between Tutu and Mytho.  From the memorable scene, when she dreams she's a duck going across the water and watching Mytho dance, it is clear that she wants to help him in anyway she can, and that she does love him, even if she cannot confess her love.  Because of this, as the series progresses, it becomes like a barrier between them, and as the series draws to a conclusion, it's apparent that Rue will have Mytho and there is a lot of chemistry between Fakir and Ahiru.  Before Mytho becomes tainted by the monster raven, he still spends quite a bit of time with Rue, and it only seems like Ahiru is around the Prince when she comes Tutu and finds a heart piece.  When I first saw Princess Tutu, I really believed that Mytho and Tutu would find their way around her curse and be together, because they seemed to become closer and closer and more shards were found.  But as the series progress, the animators had a different idea.

In the manga, this is a totally different story.  There is definitely chemistry between Tutu and Mytho, and hell, even plain old Ahiru has chemistry with Mytho.  They are together a lot more instead of the anime.  As Ahiru, she mainly watches him from afar, and there are only a few times when she actually gets to talk to him up close before Rue or Fakir interfere.  Ahiru/Princess Tutu and Mytho are a lot cuter and a lot closer in the manga,  (they go out for ice cream together in volume 2).  As she continues to return the shards of his heart, she is closer to her goal is returning his smile – and is closer to him. 

Ballet is a huge element of the manga, and Ahiru/Princess Tutu and Mytho have the greatest chemistry when they are dancing together.  In Volume Two, Rue gives up the role of Odette in Swan Lake and asks that Ahiru be given the role.  Even though Ahiru is still a pretty bad ballet dancer, in the panels, you can see there is a magic between the two of them – and it's really cute to see.  Mytho/Ahiru fans would be extremely happy to see this.  When Mytho loses his way to Kraehe and turns on Tutu, she asks him to dance with her and a beautiful pas de duex ensues.  And the greatest pas de duex of them all is when, toward the end of Volume Two, Tutu and Mytho dance a grand pas de duex to destroy Edel and the Raven for good.  (This part is a bit sad though, because Tutu disappears once the raven is destroyed, even though Mytho has an idea of who she is)

And for all you Mytho/Ahiru fans, there is hope for you at the end of the manga.  Ahiru, no longer Tutu, sees Mytho dances when she's early for ballet again.  Even though Rue comes bursting in and insists that she wants her chance with Mytho as well, you get a sense that there is a huge chance that these two characters may end up being together, or at least, all of our active imaginations can think of ways to truly end the story.

There are a few other things I'd like to gripe about, but that will be next week.  Come back soon!


7 Responses to “Princess Tutu – Anime vs. Manga pt. 2”

  1. Durga said

    Personally, I think the Manga is a generic, boring product.

    The Anime isn’t based on it, it’s the other way around, the Manga was comissioned as an alternative version to be published (think Escaflowne/Cowboy Bebop manga, hence why it’s considered ‘inferior’).

    Personally, I think Mytho and Rue were victims in the Anime, victims given a role of a villain and then saved the town as heroes (from the monster).

    I never saw Ahiru’s fixation as real love, just admiration (she even questions why she likes Mytho so much). Hell, in episode 13, she didn’t find strenght to fight for him, but for Fakir’s sacrifice.

    Also, was pretty obvious Mytho was interested in Rue: resentment and obsession, his *feelings* were focused on her. And, well, the love feeling chose her. The not-able-to-love Prince danced with Tutu (Rue’s a bit drama queen to run away like that). How couldn’t he? She stood with him for years as his only company, other than Fakir.

    Tutu/Mytho is a bit cliché for me to care (well, actually Ahiru/Fakir is a tad cliché too even if I like it, but Rue/Mytho was an original twist), generic.

    I prefer how the characters evolved in their roles inside the Anime. They were changing and not well… predictable like they appear in the Manga. :/

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  7. RodentOfUnusualSize said

    I’ve never read the manga because it’s an adaptation of the anime and way different, but I didn’t think that Mytho and Ahiru/Tutu should have ended up together. Personally, I see Ahiru and Tutu as two separate beings. Ahiru does have some feelings for Mytho, but most of that comes from Tutu and her role in the story. Tutu will probably always love the prince, but Ahiru breaks away from that and is able to care for Fakir. That’s my theory anyway. 🙂

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