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Pocky is Tropically Dreamy

Posted by dandycandy on May 17, 2006

Japanese candy maker Glico makes me wonder at times…

 I was on eBay last night, and I saw boxes of Pineapple and Coconut Pocky being sold.

Yep, complete with pictures of palm trees and fruits on the package.

Glico released Caramel and Yogurt pocky last year (I love caramel), and I won't even get into the special pocky, and now this?  Is pocky even meant to be tropical?  What is up with this.

 I'll be needing to go the Japanese marketplace in order to try it out, and give a full review. But darn, what's next?  Lychee? Soba? Ramen pocky?  Excuse me while I freak out.

Meanwhile, I haven't had a Kasugai Kiss in a while.  Want one more than I want one from my fiance. Geez.


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